Cathodic Protection

Rust is referred to as a corrosion product, which forms on iron or steel through oxidation with oxygen in the presence of water. Rust is porous and provides no protection against further corrosive attack. Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, vessels or steel pipelines cause damage every year that totals billions.

With the development of concrete and reinforced concrete, many engineers had hoped that they had found largely maintenance-free and almost everlasting building materials.

The cumulating number of deteriorating reinforcded concrete buildings - also of quite new structures - over the past few decades  causes increasing concern. The at first glance not always visible and in the truest sence of the word in the hidden flourishing corrosion damages do indeed alarm the engineers. The corrosion damages are mainly caused by de-icing salt, as for example in multi-storey car parks or on reinforcded concrete bridges. A structure whose the reinforcement has been corroded through can collapse in the worst case. This would not be the first time.

Prevention is better...

Clearly more an area of sensitivity is the subject of pipeline corrosion, above all, gas lines. Oil and particularly, gas leaks do not occur, because of our preventative Cathodic Protection (CP). Also, only a
single explosion is life-threatening, and any oil spill threatens the environment. Multi-storey car parks and bridges have already collapsed through corrosion – ensure that this absolutely does not happen in your project!
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